Clean & Green Environment

We, PAK MELTER hold the responsibility to maintain all melting processes in an environmentally friendly manner. We have installed a smoked treatment plant in our premises in which Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emitted and other hazardous gasses are treated, with the showering of more than 1 hundred water showers in each scrubber. Gasses emitted are firstly allowed to travel one hundred feet in close pipes to cyclones. Each cyclone removes nearly 50% harmless of gasses than gasses are allowed to enter scrubber, almost height of each scrubber is 30 feet from roof level and 60 feet from ground level.

In this way, We are able to remove almost 80-90% harmless of gasses emitted included Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Company is conscious of the environmental responsibility that is being upon it as a result of aluminum melting.